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Episode 52: Mary Poppins, The Diamond Mine.

Episode 52: Mary Poppins, The Diamond Mine.

This episode is a Monday Morning Musing (recorded on a Friday for some extra enthusiasm). I have two beautiful thoughts to share with you to give you a boost in your week. The first is a recommendation from a podcast series that I am loving called, "this movie changed my life" which is a mini series from On Being Studios. The episodes are short and the content is fantastic. I really enjoyed the 'Toy Story' episode. The next is my own movie recommendation about a movie that has changed my life, the 1964 classic Mary Poppins. Have you seen it recently? I share my awe for this film and what I have come to notice that makes this film go from a diamond, to a diamond mine. It's all too easy for all of us to lose our way on occasion. Revisit it! Support the show (http://www.mettlebrain.com/contact-1)

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