Mental Health Declassified

Understanding Multiple Perspectives

Understanding Multiple Perspectives

Hey MHD Fam, here we are with our first mini series ~ Looking Within the Village w/ Auntie Lee. All month long, each episode will explore the foundation of a community Auntie Lee has made with those she loves; where love and compassion are made a priority. This first episode, Understanding Multiple Perspective, gives you an inside look of the many perspectives that go into someone’s mental health journey, aspects to consider, boundaries that may come with it; of course, all based on the first hand experiences of Auntie Lee and ourselves. Make sure to stay tune for episode two, you don’t want to miss out on what we got in store. Before we forget, don’t forget to join us on Wednesdays for Declassification 101: Journaling ; a weekly journaling session where we discover the benefits of journaling together. A few reminders: -Don’t forget to check out our patreon for more exclusive content and episodes! -Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tik Tok & LinkedIn for more MHD content and events! -Looking to collaborate with MHD, check out our website mentalhealthdeclasified.orgInstagram: @mentalhealthdeclassifiedWebsite: mentalhealthdeclassified.org space for individuals who struggle with their mental health or know of others who do. A home for learning new coping mechanisms and listening to real life stories. We are not experts on the topic, but we ourselves struggle with our mental health everyday and through this podcast we hope to inspire those who struggle to find purpose. Supporting this could mean more than just supporting us, it could mean supporting a family member, friend, and ultimately anyone who may struggle in the dark and feel as if they are aloneHuge S/O to DJ/Producer/Engineer Nadiv Bangura for the great introduction beat! Go check out  his page!!!!  @deevodagenius Support the show (

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