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Understanding Black Identity: the Ambiguity, the Denial, & Everything In-between

Understanding Black Identity: the Ambiguity, the Denial, & Everything In-between

MHD Fam, welcome to the second episode of Claiming Your Blackness during Modern Times. In this episode Bryce and Lee dive into the ambiguity and denial that comes when other cultures and ethnic backgrounds address blackness. Join us as we discuss colorism, how black identity can shift across cultures, society’s understanding of race and ethnicity, and our personal experiences! We invite you to join the conversation so feel free to message us on our personal accounts or through our business accounts.Check him out on Instagram@bryce_boggs@lifescrazy_ few reminders: -Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tik Tok & LinkedIn for more MHD content and events! -Looking to collaborate with MHD, check out our website mentalhealthdeclasified.orgInstagram: @mentalhealthdeclassifiedWebsite: mentalhealthdeclassified.org space for individuals who struggle with their mental health or know of others who do. A home for learning new coping mechanisms and listening to real life stories. We are not experts on the topic, but we ourselves struggle with our mental health everyday and through this podcast we hope to inspire those who struggle to find purpose. Supporting this could mean more than just supporting us, it could mean supporting a family member, friend, and ultimately anyone who may struggle in the dark and feel as if they are aloneHuge S/O to DJ/Producer/Engineer Nadiv Bangura for the great introduction beat! Go check out  his page!!!!  @deevodagenius Support the show (

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