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Tips n Tricks to Staying Active

Tips n Tricks to Staying Active

Welcome to the second episode of our podcast mini series, Break a Sweat! Once again, our co-host Mike Roach will be joining us as we learn more about different things to consider when starting your fitness journey. Our guest for today, Renee Roach, provides her expertise to help us unpack the connections between physical health and mental health. Make sure you take some notes and take advantage of the free knowledge given! Never know how it can apply to you! •••Make sure you tune in and check out our first episode if you haven’t! •••PSA! Save the Date! March 19th @ 11am! You will have the opportunity to join MHD x Sweat Factory on IG Live for a live workout session! No equipment needed, just you and your body and water! Take the chance to have a free workout session and learn some new things to try in the comfort of your own home!A few reminders: -Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tik Tok & LinkedIn for more MHD content and events! -Looking to collaborate with MHD, check out our website mentalhealthdeclasified.orgInstagram: @mentalhealthdeclassifiedWebsite: mentalhealthdeclassified.org space for individuals who struggle with their mental health or know of others who do. A home for learning new coping mechanisms and listening to real life stories. We are not experts on the topic, but we ourselves struggle with our mental health everyday and through this podcast we hope to inspire those who struggle to find purpose. Supporting this could mean more than just supporting us, it could mean supporting a family member, friend, and ultimately anyone who may struggle in the dark and feel as if they are alone Support the show

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