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Mr Kootsy Canuto: "Half sick" & gender-specific GP services.

Mr Kootsy Canuto: "Half sick" & gender-specific GP services.

In this podcast, I chat with Kootsy about his discussions with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men on going to the Doctor. He talks about the concept of being "half sick" and how the delivery of GP services doesn't work for many Indigenous guys; something that does nothing to address the gaps in health between Indigenous and non-Indigenous men. Kootsy, a sociology graduate, sees the benefits of gender-specific services. He says he didn't make it as a rugby player, so he is pursuing a career in research to make a difference to men's health and well-being. Kootsy is in his final year of his PhD at the Aboriginal Research Unit at the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute.

Duration: 26 min

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