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Swimming Pools đŸ’¦Maintenance, Costs + Buying a House w/Pool

Swimming Pools đŸ’¦Maintenance, Costs + Buying a House w/Pool

Thinking about buying a house with a pool? There's a lot you need to know about owning and maintenance when it comes to swimming pools. Fellow Smith & Associates real estate agent Travis Long is here to help, as he's also a licensed pool service contractor. Top 3 things to consider: 1) LIFESTYLE 2) POOL INSPECTION 3) MAINTENANCE Melanie is a Tampa Bay area Realtor with Smith & Associates. She loves Tampa Bay area area, houses, and helping clients buy and sell real estate. Email: Call/text me if you are looking to buy / sell a home in the Tampa Bay area! 813.368.6084 DISCLAIMER: All content provided on and the Melanie Loves Tampa Bay YouTube channel/social media platforms is for informational/entertainment purposes only. The owner of Melanie Loves Tampa Bay makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site. Information provided is subject to change.

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