Mek Wi Level With ClassicKhal

"Mek Wi Level" is a Jamaican way of saying let's hold a conversation. Here we'll discuss random topics, share memories, and experiences, talk news, lifestyle, have fun and simply relax. Adopt the CLASSIC lifestyle and Add Mek Wi Level to YOUR week. Support This Podcast At

Episodes: 12


Word Wednesday Ep 1

Duration: 13 min

Time Fi Washout

Duration: 26 min

Leggo Di Label Dem

Duration: 24 min

Happy New Level!

Duration: 20 min

With Season 2 Comes A New Intro!

Duration: 0 min

Ep.6: Back to Basics

Duration: 24 min

Ep.5: Tun Yuh Han Mek Fashan!

Duration: 17 min

Ep.4: Doh Linga

Duration: 22 min

Ep.3: Pass Di Remote!

Duration: 17 min

Ep.2: Mind Yuh Bizinez!!

Duration: 21 min

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