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Ep 3 - Eliza Shirazi

Ep 3 - Eliza Shirazi

In this episode of the MeetMeOutside Podcast, I interviewed fitness trainer and entrepreneur - Eliza Shirazi. Eliza is the creator of Kick It by Eliza, a massively popular group fitness class. She started Kick It in 2009 while still in college, and in short-time she was named one of Boston’s 50 on Fire in Sports and Fitness, alongside giant names like Reebok and DraftKings. Eliza has a big personality and passion for motivating others. She is also a New Balance athlete and just recently (Dec. 2016) launched her own clothing line ( In this interview we chat about: - the power of social connection through fitness - her views on dating apps - fitness as a dating deal-breaker - her own dating advice for singles out there If you enjoy this conversation, please follow the MeetMeOutside Podcast and share with your friends! See you outside, Rob Music by: Best Coast - The Only Place

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