DE-STRESS: Your Mantra

DE-STRESS: Your Mantra

Let’s talk about the power of words. Repeating statements to yourself that reflect things you want to achieve, feel or be, is proven to be effective when it comes to making those things happen. And if you feel stressed out or worried, or regularly struggle with intense anxiety, repetitive statements could help to turn things around. Create a statement that you can use in any stressful situation. Keep it simple — for example, your statement might be “I am calm even when the world around me is not” or “I am good at working steadily in the middle of a whirlwind”. And then use your statement. Repeat it when you start to feel stressed. Do this regularly, and it will become more and more powerful. Your subconscious mind will integrate this statement into its understanding of life and the world. And you will begin to be what you say.

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