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Molly McKew | Info(rmation)Wars

Molly McKew | Info(rmation)Wars

Matt’s guest this week is information warfare expert & foreign policy consultant Molly McKew. Molly’s understanding of Russia’s disinformation campaign during the 2016 US presidential election is second to none. Which is why Matt wanted to talk to her so badly— he’s a big fan of hers in general, this particular subject has long confused the shit out of him, and it also happens to be Molly’s area of expertise. But their wide-ranging conversation covers much more than just Russia and the 2016 election. Molly breaks down what information warfare really is, defines its many forms, and details its long dark history. From there Molly and Matt go deep about why disinformation campaigns are so effective in our modern digital age, why they’re so hard to do anything about let alone stop, why we’re so damn susceptible to them, and why we tend to believe the first thing we see or read on any given subject— even if what we learn later goes against it or outright debunks it. By the time they’re through, Matt’s mind is blown. Listen now and get yours blown too! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.

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