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Sam Eagan, Wyoming Alum and Podcast Editor for VICE #InternationalPodcastDay

Sam Eagan, Wyoming Alum and Podcast Editor for VICE #InternationalPodcastDay

Sam Eagan wrestled for Mark Branch at the University of Wyoming and spent time growing up in Utah and New York. He currently produces Vice News Reports for VICE and previously was the producer for Mo Rocca's Mobituaries. Eagan was the first guest of #InternationalPodcastDay Wrestling Edition.  Eagan breaks down how he got into becoming a podcast editor and the journey that started with a trip through public radio in Laramie.  Some comments and questions from this episode originated from a live feed on September 30. To check out what's happening with Vice News Reports as it prepares for launch on October 15, click here. Before we get to Sam's interview about 10 minutes into the show, I touch on where you can find the seeds for the upcoming U.S. Nationals and the recent resignation of William & Mary's AD amidst the controversy surrounding how she went about cutting seven sports at the Williamsburg, Virginia school and how that ties to Stanford's cuts as well as the relationship between bad consultants and the schools that hire them - like my alma mater.     Support the Show and the Mat Talk Podcast Network Patreon | Rokfin SUBSCRIBE        The Short Time Time Wrestling Podcast is proudly supported by

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