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62: Christian Zimmerman, Qoins, Become debt-free with your spare change

62: Christian Zimmerman, Qoins, Become debt-free with your spare change

In today’s podcast we talk to Christian Zimmerman, Founder of Qoins. Qoins is a new way to conquer your debt. Use the spare change from each checking account transaction to automatically pay off your debt. Christian, only 23 years old, has worked in the startup world for the last 2 years. Today he shares his journey to leverage his experience to launch an app of his own. Not featured in the interview, but another important member of the Qoins team is Co-Founder Nate Washington. Nate is 25 years old and an award-winning programmer. I had the pleasure of connecting with this dynamic duo at Atlanta Tech Village’s Startup Village where they did an amazing job of pitching and demoing the platform. Mission: The average household carries nearly $50k in student loan debt alone. With statistics like that, you can imagine that today’s college grads have to be more focused than ever on managing and paying down debt. Christian is no different, except that he saw an opportunity to make it easier to tackle this big problem. Mindset: Christian has always been pretty tenacious. At the age of 23, Qoins isn’t even his first business venture. Blend that fire with his experience and network in the startup world and it’s easy to see why he’s all in on making Qoins a success.   Marketing: This part is a must listen. From leveraging press (Qoins was recently featured on a segment of the Clark Howard Show) to social media advertising, Christian and I basically have an on-air strategy session for various ways to generate quality leads online. Check it out towards the end of the interview. Masterminds: Community is everything. From Atlanta Tech Village to Switchyards, Christian shares the local startup communities that have helped Qoins gain so much momentum so quickly.

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