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Minute 111: MASH Triumphant. Altman Stoned.

Minute 111: MASH Triumphant. Altman Stoned.

Welcome to Chaos Minute, where we analyze the end of this football game in all its glory. From the referee’s overenthusiastic gun shooting to Vollmer’s end zone “celebration”, from Mulcahy poppin’ bottles to whirly sound rings, we embrace the hectic energy of MASH winning the game (much to Hammond’s dismay). Dan Hoisington-McArthur is back to help us unpack what it means that the EVAC players are busy smoking a joint while poor Vollmer is left out of the locker room party. That’s him in the corner. That’s him out of the spot light, putting on a band aid. Trying to fix up his boo-boo, and I don’t know if he can do it. Oh no, I’ve said too much.

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