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Ep #60: Manifest 10K How To Manifest Money Step 3: Focus on Abundance

Ep #60: Manifest 10K How To Manifest Money Step 3: Focus on Abundance

Show Notes:  00:05 Show Introduction 00:37 Cassie Parks Introduction 00:45 Focusing on the steps to manifest $10,000 for entrepreneurs who can can welcome money in without struggle or resistance 00:58 Step 3 is today: Focusing on Money and Abundance Instead of Scarcity 1:07 The importance of this for entrepreneurs where you create the fertile ground to manifest $10,000, which is a building block so you can do it over and over again. 2:00 Manifest $10,0000 book is coming out in bookstores May 16 and my course Manifest 10K is for the everyday person but I am especially passionate about it for entrepreneurs 2:16 Your money mindset is the foundation of your success 2:40 Shared a moment: In the Double Your Business Workshop this past weekend my life was what I pictured it as - helping and serving people 5:32 Not that long ago that I envisioned my dream life in this way - it is possible - hold the vision and learn the process 6:15 If you love this season of the podcast, grab my forthcoming book Manifest $10,000 because those preorders help me and if you order quickly you will get a complimentary copy for helping me by grabbing your copy and input  your receipt info here. 7:23 If waiting on your books, they are back in stock and being sent out and thank you for supporting this 8:11 Special thank you to my mom 9:58 Focusing on money and abundance 10:10 My program works because 1) anything you commit to works 2) spend the time upfront creating fertile ground which is all about where your focus is 11:25 Coming from a place of lack to try to create and that is not fertile ground 11:53 First 10 days turn focus to money and abundance (farmer analogy) 12:43 You must create a place where you do have fertile ground 13:33 Prepare the soil that you plant the seeds in 13:45 First step is preparing the soil 14:18 Turning your focus to money and more of it instead of lack 14:44 See that there is money around, that turns your focus onto money 15:03 Runner story - increased focus 16:56 When you put your energy on finding money, you are building the place that says more money exists 17:49 It all exists but it is what you see 18:00 Another Mother Runner Episode 212 19:35 The more you make finding money a game, the more fun you have and this creates this fertile ground 19:57 Finding instead of looking - watch your words and watch your vocabulary 20:35 In the Manifest 10K course there is a scavenger hunt where you find more and more money, even international and rare bills 22:43 Don’t judge how it shows up - be thankful for it 23:18 What I was asking for is showing up 23:40 Notice where you see pictures on money 24:05 In the Facebook Group for Manifest 10K where you can post your assignments, evidence, etc. where you can build more energy 24:48 Ask yourself is there a friend you can enlist in doing this process 25:16 Manifest 10K LIVE event changed a participant's life she shared 25:46 It is not just about the $10,000 you will manifest but what you learn about yourself and your thoughts along the way 26:25 I see money everywhere. 26:47 Show closing 27:12 End

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