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#3 Amazon Making the Cut & Esther Perbandt Part 3

#3 Amazon Making the Cut & Esther Perbandt Part 3

The third episode of Making the Startup concludes the talk with Esther Perbandt about her participation in the Amazon series Making the Cut. Patrick congratulates Esther to winning millions of viewer-hearts, but only runner-up position of the one-million-dollar prize. They discuss in detail about her Marketing, target group and search engine optimization for her online presence and her digital setup for the show in general. As well how her personal connection to the other designers and the winner is and whether she sees them as friends or competitors. At the end Esther gives an outlook on where she herself and the brand Esther Perbandt is heading to in the next two years. Listen here to podcast #3 - stay safe, have fun: -> Making the Startup Podcast

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