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Nicole Diehl and Jen Coakley - Futures Unwritten

Nicole Diehl and Jen Coakley - Futures Unwritten

Nicole Diehl,  instructor extraordinaire, and Jen Coakley, an instructor moving into an exciting new path for her career, discuss getting in makeup, how different the career can be from one year to the next, and a have bit of fun with each other! As always, Makeup Your Life is your chance to learn that career in makeup is never too far out of reach, is completely unique from so many other walks of life, and is a wonderful opportunity to create lifelong, impactful relationships. If you're interested in starting your career in makeup, there is no better place to start than Multimedia Makeup Academy! We're even celebrating our 10 year anniversary and are offering A TON of new reasons to join this year! --- Send in a voice message:

Duration: 1 hr 8 min

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