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Episode 23 (Halftime): You're Talented, So What?

Episode 23 (Halftime): You're Talented, So What?

You've been grinding away, posting work to Dribbble and still not getting project inquiries. You know you have the chops to produce great work, but why is no one hiring you? In this episode of Halftime, Adam talks about getting discovered. He touches on topics ranging from self-promotion, avoiding humble brags, and being a jerk. Mentions include: Fraser Davidson, Episode 22 Fraser Davidson, Skillshare South by Southwest Creative South Darrin Crescenzi, Episode 8 Darrin Crescenzi GoT poster Matt Stevens, Episode 15 MAX100 Project Tobias van Schneider, Spotify Jim Bankoff, CEO, Vox Media ENFP My next guest is Chin Wang. Chin is the creative director of ESPN the Magazine. Check out her work. Be sure to follow Adam and the podcast on twitter, as well as Dribbble.

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