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Maiden Order : "Phantom of the Opera"

Maiden Order : "Phantom of the Opera"

In this week’s episode, we talk about track #4 from Iron Maiden’s FIRST album – “Phantom of the Opera” – and features the following music: Original Album Version Iron Maiden Live Versions: At the Marquee, 1980 (with Dennis Stratton) At the Rainbow, 1980, 1980 (with Adrian Smith) Eddie Rips Up the World Tour, Sweden 2005 Download Festival, 2013 Cover Versions: Killers (Paul Di’Anno) - 666 The Number of the Beast Tribute record, 1999. Iron Maidens - World’s Only All Female Iron maiden Tribute Band, recorded 2005. Sentinal Beast - California Thrash metal Group mid-80s. 86 album - Depths of Death.

Duration: 40 min

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