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EP 014 - Jemimah Ashleigh - Position Me

EP 014 - Jemimah Ashleigh - Position Me

Named one of Australia's Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs and a Women to Watch in 2018, Jemimah Ashleigh is the leading authority in positioning. Jemimah states her why of being in business is based on the alarming statistic that 97 percent of female startups fail in the first five years, and women are failing at twice the rate of men. With three full businesses and a bunch of other endeavours, she’s got a lot of lessons to pass on, and she can’t wait to do so, continually embracing new mediums and channels to do it. No matter the medium, though, she brings her fun-loving attitude, her passion and her humour to help people tell their story their way. Jemimah is also a skilled comedian and improvisor, and MCing. Jemimah is an international keynote speakers and has spoken in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Los Angeles, New York and Bali and has taken the stage with people including Ida Buttrose, FormerPresident Barrack Obama Senior Advisor Valarie Jarratt, creator and Co-founder of the Make a Wish Foundation Frank Shankwitz and Elizabeth Broderick. She’s completed her Masters in criminal intelligence, she speaks Bahasa and is learning AUSLAN (sign language). She has a Cert IV in training, extensive experience in teaching LGBTI issues, cognitive behavioural therapy, micro-expressions and neuro-linguistic programming. She does stand up, she blogs, she mentors and writes. And she’s approached all of this with humour, passion, a fun loving attitude and enthusiasm. AND If you are inspired to Discover Your Genius & the Flow of Your Wealth there are 3 ways…you can start. There is a Free Test to Find Your Path to Genius Takes one minute and it’s called the Genius Test, that will start you on your journey. The 2nd way is finding out your Wealth Dynamics profiles which is the gateway to a more productive state called ‘flow’. Flow can be thought of as the path of least resistance, where you add the most value and get the most done. I am a Flow Consultant for Roger James Hamilton and Entrepreneurs Institute and I want you to know that this is an Affiliate Link below to find out your Wealth Dynamic Profile.  It does not cost you any extra and please do not feel obligated to purchase through this link. Enjoy. And if you’d like to understand flow at a higher distinction, and work 1-2-1 with me to discover how you Profile applies to you personally and realign you time to get you fully into your flow and align with more Magick.  Here is the link: That's all for now. I look forward to our next sojourn through the Magickal Land of [Awe]some. Until that time, Stay Curious…Be Awesome.

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