Kitty Truax

3rd Quarter in Scorpio + Lupercalia

3rd Quarter in Scorpio + Lupercalia

3rd Quarter in Scorpio #CosmicQuickie - a perfect time to dig in deep to transform our energies...what we emit with our words, actions & patterns... to see what ways of being are truly holding us back from the bigger picture. As the Water Bearer of Aquarius energy is still helping us to find our individual way into the collective, the sting of the scorpion creates a chance to make a big shift in what it is that we are bringing to the world as a whole.   #justthetip - Happy Lupercalia - the Roman Festival of Fertility & Matchmaking. I had SO much fun digging deep into this festival. Show me how you celebrate with a quick email HERE or at - I love meeting my listeners and appreciate ALL of you. Thank You for being a part of this rad community of witches, wizards & magical folx. Find & Follow on FB or IG Source 1 / Source 2

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