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Episode 000 - What Is Made Alive Podcast?

Episode 000 - What Is Made Alive Podcast?

Welcome to the Made Alive podcast! We are so excited to have you along on this ride with us. We put this together to help other young leaders in ministry or even aspiring young leaders. In this introduction we hope to give you a little bit of insight into who we are and what this podcast will be all about. Top 5 Podcasts: Philip: 1) Bible Project 2) Armchair Expert 3) HeyDad 4) Don't Make Me Come Back There 5) The JJ Redick Podcast HM) North Coast Church Seth: 1) Bible Project 2) HeyDad 3) Worship Leader Probs 4) Thrive Leadership Podcast 5) Pro Church Tools with Brady Shearer HM) North Coast Church

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