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5 Dogs for the Outgoing Dog Owner

5 Dogs for the Outgoing Dog Owner

Welcome to the world of Mack and Mercie! I've touched upon some of the important factors to consider when you are wanting to add a dog to your family such as activity level, exercise needs, size, how much grooming, trainability and compatibility with children. Do you love to be on the go, ready to hit the door as soon as you get home from work? Let's look at my top dog breeds that will suit your lifestyle the best! 1. The Labrador Retriever-one of my top pics for many things and Chase was one of my top dogs as well! They are friendly, affectionate and playful. They are classified as a working dog which has the characteristics of stamina, energy and strength. Swimming and retrieving are their favs in the way of exercise which is important to keep them fit.  2. The Boxer-a great breed that has been blessed with a patient and affectionate temperament.  This dog breed thrives on daily workouts and is always up to doing anything with their human. They are a bundle of energy and always playful. They are very curious, outgoing and dedicated to their human family. Boxers have protective instincts which make them natural as the family guardian. I have a friend who has 2 boxers named Chumlee and Kracker. She posts their antics on FB and IG and they just make me laugh! 3. French Bulldog-I mean how darn cute is this breed of dog!!! They are the pint-sized version of the traditional bulldog with the added feature of those super cute, stand at attention ears! Even though they don't need a ton of exercise,and please remember they are not suited for outdoor living or swimming, they do love to get out and about with you. They love attention, are affectionate and highly playful. This is another really great apartment sized dog. 4. Cairn Terrier-they are energetic but not overwhelmingly so with stamina for playing hard and then curling up in a comfy lap afterward. And the most famous cairn terrier of all was Toto in the Wizard of Oz! It is important that they get daily mental and physical exercise. They are a devoted companion that enjoys playing with children and can withstand mild roughhousing. 5. Corgi-a precious short-legged, large-eared herder who "enjoys the outdoors and meeting people." They are athletic and affectionate along with being a vigilant watchdog. This dog is fun, friendly, devoted and willing to please. Now who wouldn't love this type of dog breed?  I hope you have found your next best friend in these 5 active dog breeds that can keep up with you and add tons of fun to your life. Thank you for listening, thank you for loving dogs enough to give them a home and if you have a favorite charity for animals, remember they can always use donations. If nobody else tells you today, I care about you and you are important in your world.  Take care! For inspiration and videos go to:

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