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WelcomeAIOverlords (Zak Jost)

WelcomeAIOverlords (Zak Jost)

We welcome Zak Jost from the WelcomeAIOverlords channel. Zak is an ML research scientist at Amazon. He has a great blog at and also a Discord channel at WelcomeAIOverlords:  00:00:00 INTRO START 00:01:07 MAIN SHOW START 00:01:59 ZAK'S STORY 00:05:06 YOUTUBE DISCUSSION 00:24:12 UNDERSTANDING PAPERS 00:29:53 CONTRASTIVE LEARNING INTRO 00:33:00 BRING YOUR OWN LATENT PAPER 01:03:13 GRAPHS IN ML AND KNOWLEDGE GRAPHS  01:21:36 GRAPH USE CASES - FRAUD 01:30:15 KNOWLEDGE GRAPHS 01:34:22 GRAPHS IN ML 01:38:53 AUTOMATED ML 01:57:32 OUTRO

Duration: 1 hr 58 min

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