Luke Molloy and Chris Fairhurst

Episode 9 - Discussing... Trial of a Time Lord

Episode 9 - Discussing... Trial of a Time Lord

Luke and Chris bring you a feature-length show which discusses the best, the bizzare and the beautiful about each story in Trial of a Time Lord.+ CURRENT AFFAIRS: Our thoughts on The Mission to the Unknown UCLAN reconstruction & much more.+ GAME: "The Whole Nine-Valeyards" - I hope you know you're Valeyard nicknames...+ LISTENERS LAST CHANCE SALOON: The brilliant listeners give us their opinions on Trial of a Time Lord.Please subscribe on iTunes Podcasts and/or Spotify (and leave us a review if you'd be so kind).Plus give us a cheeky follow on Twitter and a like on Facebook. 

Duration: 1 hr 48 min

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