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The Loh Down on Science is your daily humorous yet informative daily radio "minute" on current scientific research (available on Southern California Public Radio--KPCC 89.3 FM Los Angeles, NPR and PRX).  It's hosted by Caltech physics grad Sandra Tsing Loh, whose commentaries and stories have been heard on NPR's Morning Edition, This American Life, and Marketplace.  This new (launching April, 2020) Loh Down on Science: Special Pandemic Edition includes three-minute family-friendly modules focused on the science and history of pandemics.  Its reporters are members of the Loh Down on Science "Hive," housed by the University of California, Irvine Graduate Division.  Topics include herd immunity, the science of soap, what Isaac Newton did over HIS quarantine break (Bubonic Plague, 1600's), how you can link your home computer with others to hunt for COVID-19's "Achilles Heel," and more.  Appropriate for middle school and up. Written and voiced by Sandra Tsing Loh, Anny Celsi, production consultant, with thanks to UC Irvine Graduate Division, LDOS Media Lab, and the Fuhs Family Foundation

Duration: 3 min

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