Owen and Stephanie Fuller

Ep 5 – Fall Project Montage

Ep 5 – Fall Project Montage

Winter is coming! That means we've been busy scrambling to complete a bunch of fall projects. It's been busy the last few weeks, and it's taken awhile to get this episode published. From butchering goats, roosters, and turkeys, to building new feeders and waters, and fencing over the poultry run, there's been no shortage of things to do. It hasn't been all work and no play though. As we mention in the episode, we took some time to do a bonfire with friends, and camp out with the kids. At temps in the low fifties, I was about at the limit for my summer bag, and really would have preferred my winter bag, but oh well. We had fun anyway! The goat chow mein Stephanie made was fantastic! The kids all loved it. She used this Spicy Lamb Chowmein recipe from Alicia's Pepperpot, with a few tweaks. Obviously substituting goat for lamb was one of them, but she also used rice noodles in place of chow mein noodles. We really like goat, and I imagine we'll be adding them to the homestead at some point in the future. What are you doing to get ready for winter? Drink of the episode: Starlight Single Barrel Huber's Rickhouse Select Indiana Straight Bourbon. We got to go to the Starlight Distillery and help select the barrel for one of the local whiskey groups we belong to. This particular barrel was reminiscent of cinnamon rolls. If you're ever in southern Indiana, it's worth a visit. One of the turkeys supervising the aviary netting workOmri hauling a 40-lbs bag of feedOur new feeder setup which can hold two bags of feedThe turkeys seem to like the constant supply of foodStephanie's goat soupOliver helping pluck the chickens (pretty brave for a five-year-old!)Aviary netting over the poultry yardWe used chicken wire to cover the walkwayWalkway from the chicken coop to the poultry yard

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