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Ep 3 – Homeschooling with Different Aged Kids

Ep 3 – Homeschooling with Different Aged Kids

Parents of multiple kids, the challenges are real! You have to figure out how to teach algebra to one kid, and counting to another. One kid is writing research papers, and one kids is learning the ABCs. Oh, and there's a baby crying to be fed! Trying to homeschool with kids of different ages definitely has its challenges! We've got five kids. The oldest is a freshman in high school, two in middle school, one is in the middle of elementary school, and the youngest is in Kindergarten. We've been through the ups and downs, and rest assured, it is possible! In this episode we discuss some of the things we've found that make it easier. It all starts with flexibility! Links: Lauri Tall-Stackers Number Express - A nice little foam and peg set that makes a great "school time toy" for younger kids. It incorporates colors, numbers, and motors skills, but let's be honest, the kids really like chewing on the foam puzzle pieces. Magic Desktop - When you want to let your kids play and learn on your computer, but you don't want them messing it all up, this is the answer. When running, it locks down a Windows computer in a special kiosk mode, teaches computer skills, and provides curated games and activities. There's even a basic email client you can lock down to specific contacts. Drink of the episode: Driftless Glen Single Barrel Straight Rye Whiskey (Iowa Whiskey Chasers pick) - With tastes of cinnamon rolls and spices, this is a great whiskey out of a distillery in Wisconsin.

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