Live Green or Fry: Sustainable Companies

Live Green or Fry: Sustainable Companies

Welcome to our podcast Live Green or Fry. We are students at the University of New Hampshire and we are recording this podcast in collaboration with our Honors Contemporary Conservation Issues Class. Our mission is to promote open conversation about a variety of environmental issues and topics in order to raise awareness and encourage action. Follow Us On: Insta @ livegreenorfry, Youtube @ livegreenorfry, Spotify @ livegreenorfry, and iTunes @ livegreenorfry Here are the sources which we had gotten for our discussion in this episode and we invite our listeners to check them out if they are interested. Faizal, Fesmina. “What Is Greenwashing? – Types & Examples.”, Feedough, 4 Aug. 2019, “Hydro Flask Wants to Hear from You!#WeLoveOurParks.” Hydro Flask, “HydroFlask - Design Life.” Cycle, Bottled Water Waste Facts. (2014, March 15). Retrieved November 21, 2019, from Chasan, E. (2019, February 20). Amazon to Disclose More Details on Environmental Impact. Retrieved November 21, 2019, from Davidson, J. (2019, July 15). The Environmental Cost of Amazon's Prime Day. Retrieved November 21, 2019, from DISCLAIMER: All opinions expressed are our own and do not represent the views of the NR435 Honors class section and those enrolled in and associated with it, or the University of New Hampshire.

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