Fanstuck Part Four: Cro and SAHcon Part Two

Fanstuck Part Four: Cro and SAHcon Part Two

Shout out to my "The Regular" tier patron: KansasJustGotGayer!We have a special guest, Cro, here to talk about SAHcon! Again! This time a look at it now that it's over. Also: DEJAVU! Rhys will be with us next episode to talk about it some more! Check out the links below:SAHcon LinksSAHcon TwitterSAHcon WebsiteSAHcon YoutubeStaff:Cat's TwitterNell's TwitterGoomy's TwitterRhys's TwitterList of ModsCro's links:TwitterCro's Ko-FiCro's other projects' twitters:HSArtkindPro8lematic Zine----My links:WebsiteDiscordPodcast TwitterPersonal TwitterPodcast: Itunes or GooglePlay and more!YoutubeTumblrCuriousCatRedbubblePatreonKo-fiFriendsim FandubSupport the show (https://patreon.com/jaxyacks)

Duration: 50 min

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