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Writer Interview - Michael Rumney - Page to Stage Festival

Writer Interview - Michael Rumney - Page to Stage Festival

This is the first in a series of short interviews with people connected to the Page to Stage Festival, a two-week showcase of new theatrical writing, which will take place in a variety of venues around Liverpool between 03 and 17 April, 2016. I am covering Page to Stage 2016 for the Little Written Podcast because I was lucky enough to have a play selected for performance at the festival, so these interviews should serve as a nice (if very modest) bit of added publicity for everyone involved. In this episode, I talk to Burnley-based writer, Michael Rumney, about his play, Bricks. If you like what you hear, links related to this play can be found below. My play, An Everyday Apocalypse, tracks the painful breakdown of a marriage against the backdrop of a zombie uprising (Though it’s not really about zombies!) If that sounds like fun, please follow the Twitter account and like the Facebook page (or even the Google+ page if you are that way inclined), which can be accessed via the links below. Many thanks to John Mc for organising the festival and to Fruit & Fibres Canteen & Craft Workshop, where this interview was recorded. Bricks The Play: Michael Rumney (Tw): Bricks The Play (Tw): Bricks The Play (FB): An Everyday Apocalypse: An Everyday Apocalypse (Tw): An Everyday Apocalypse (FB): An Everyday Apocalypse (G+): Page to Stage: John Mc (Tw): Page to Stage (Tw): Page to Stage Website: Me: Little Written (Twitter): Thomas Oléron Evans: Little Written Podcast Website: Other: Fruit & Fibres Canteen & Craft Workshop:

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