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Play Tales all started when I was visiting my nephews in Colorado. The weather made it an

Play Tales all started when I was visiting my nephews in Colorado. The weather made it an "in-door" day and we were all tired of watching television. My in-laws had a pocket window with a bench and we decided it could be "the bridge" of a spaceship. I talked the kids through the launch procedures, mission steps, and re-entry like a regular "mission control." Plumbing the depths of my memory of the movie Space Camp, I guided them through their mission to the moon. They enjoyed it so much, I decided to write and then record more stories. If you want to listen without commercials and unlock all six full-length episodes, visit our website for premium content. With PlayTales, your child or student can visit the Moon before snack time or put out a forest fire before lunch. Each PlayTale is professionally recorded with narration and sound-effects to signal your child on what they should do next. We use repetition in counting and responsive audio cues to help each child mentally reinforce what they are doing. For example, in Mission Undersea your little explorer has to push an imaginary button to get the submarine's sonar to do a sounding. Many of our listeners use the free coloring pages on our Facebook site to serve as the "control board" for each story. Want to create the props for a PlayTale on your own? Just cut-out some cardboard and let your little one draw and color the lever or button they need to use in the PlayTale. My funniest memory from a PlayTale was during Mission Under Sea. At one point the narrator asked my kids to "look out the window and tell me what you see." They both exclaimed "Nothing!" and then laughed and laughed. I hope PlayTales help you fill your child's day with fun.

Episodes: 4


Play Tales - Mission Asteroid

Duration: 8 min

Play Tales - Mission Para Drop (Preview)

Duration: 1 min

Play Tales - Fire Mission (Preview)

Duration: 1 min

Play Tales - Mission Under Sea (Preview)

Duration: 0 min

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