Free Speech On Social Media

Free Speech On Social Media

What type of content is ok for employees to post on LinkedIn. Read the post about the amazing guy who lost his job. Hear the news that Roseann got blasted for Tweeting. Sit in a chat room and hear an employer going nuts that their employee has stuck a video out that will guarantee their biggest client will walk. No rights, no wrongs..just issues to think about. With your help we have gathered this all in one place. We are not bring you our opinions; we are showing you what already exists but organized in a way to make you understand and think. This is not a normal chat podcast. This is an “engineered” podcast where content not people star. Our aim is to make is an enjoyable way for you to get up to speed on this topic. Making it happen behind the scenes is way more complex than you imagine and we are doing our best to dig in and untangle threads and knit them back in a way that make sense. This is not a sit round the table chat podcast. In fact we don’t think there is anything else like it. Tune in and let us know. This is v1.0. Your public feedback is encouraged. We will reengineer if needed. The objective is for you to hear the messages. Tune in to our way of deepening all of our knowledge on the question “Is speech ever truly free on social media?”

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