Joel Adewale Ajayi

Our Means 12

Our Means 12

Our Means 12 You know, every discovery wouldn’t have been possible if the zeal is lacking. I see many lives wasting away without a direction. They are not finders of the means but killers of the dream. Keeping them is putting fire in your bosom. Tonight’s Light People take pain killers when the major challenge they have is stressing out in a means they were not designed to walk. Your design is custom made. As much as I fear people without passion, I dislike to a great extent people who endure the stress only to ensure things are made to go in a way. Any graph not fluctuating in one way or the other will never give a result different from what it has always given. In the hospital, the person is declared dead. Why suffer when the best thing to do is retreat to engage the right means? No one will kill you for finding out what you truly love. You will end up committing ‘dream suicide’ when you are enduring the means you were not designed for. Greatness beckons on people who are sold into the means. They will remain in the means even when it’s tough. The only way you will show the world you are serious about your decisions in life is by staying with it. But there is one thing that shouldn’t be forgotten. Ensure that the means is approved by the Cartographer – Jehovah WHO LEADS.

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