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82. Book Writing Made Easy with Stacy Mayer

82. Book Writing Made Easy with Stacy Mayer

Welcome back to another episode of Life After Corporate! In today’s episode, it’s your time to break through the glass ceiling once and for all and get your ticket to the C Suite. Today we are speaking with a certified executive coach and promotion strategist on a mission to bring more diversity to the leadership table by doubling the number of women in the C Suite.  Let’s welcome Stacy Mayer.    [00:01 - 09:18] Opening Segment I welcome our guest: Stacy Mayer It’s a book launching party! Grab your copy of Promotions Made Easy! Why Stacy decided to launch a business Stacy’s climbing the corporate ladder story   [09:19 - 32:55] Book Writing Made Easy Women in Corporate How to Get that Promotion Think and communicate like executive Why authenticity is power We are incredibly powerful women How to Write a Book Collecting instead of writing: Stress-free writing Some challenges Stacy faced Make time for it Get the right publisher for you Pay to Play Taking ownership of your career Changing organizations from the C Suite “No, I am not in demand.” Complete scarcity market   [32:56 - 35:53] Closing Segment  Connect with Stacy through the links below  Follow us on social media and leave a review Final words   Resources Mentioned: Scribe Publishing Company Tweetable Quotes: “Real authenticity is power.” – Stacy Mayer “You can create your own path, they don't own you.” – Stacy Mayer   Connect with Stacy through her podcast, Maximize Your Career.  Don’t forget to grab your copy of Promotions Made Easy!   SUBSCRIBE & LEAVE A FIVE-STAR REVIEW and share this podcast to other growing entrepreneurs!  Get weekly tips on how to create more money and meaning doing work you love and be one of the many growing entrepreneurs in our community. CLICK HERE to join our private Facebook Group!  Connect with me on Instagram, LinkedIn, or checkout our website at

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