Second Print Comics Patreon Preview - Loki Ep. 1 "Glorious Purpose" Recap

Second Print Comics Patreon Preview - Loki Ep. 1 "Glorious Purpose" Recap

In this special Second Print Patreon preview, Marc is joined by Dan Smotz of The System Is Down. Spoiler: Dan doesn't even listen to the show! But he does have thoughts on the premier episode of Loki on Disney Plus! We look at this new redemption arc for this Variant version of Loki who- instead of living out his life until his death by Thanos in "Infinity War" - instead zaps away with the Tesseract during the Avengers intervention in the timeline as seen in Avengers: Endgame. This version of Loki has come afoul of the Time Variance Authority, but it saved from a "Reset" by Agent Mobius, who takes Loki down a This Is Your Life style journey through his life as it played at in the main timeline had he not taken off with the Tesseract, before recruiting him to take out a murderous Variant - who is apparently another version of Loki. You can hear more of Dan Smotz on The System is Down! You can listen to this show each and every week by supporting the the Second Print Comics Podcast on Patreon ( ) , where you'll get access to TONS of bonus content and perks, including early episode releases original shows like Remso Rants, The Random Marvel Comics Podcast, Remso vs the MCU, Wandavision Falcon and Winter Soldier Recaps, Clair Continues and so much more, for as little as a measly $5 per month! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @SecondPrintPod! Check out our website for episodes, reviews and more at ( ) Support this podcast at —

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