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Level up Podcast - Afterthoughts of Michael Griffiths - Episode 13

Level up Podcast - Afterthoughts of Michael Griffiths - Episode 13

Welcome to another episode of Level Up Podcast with Jemimah Ashleigh and Tim Hyde, following up from an incredible interview with Sam Reilly, with Jemimah and Tim’s top take aways, including Jemimah’s marriage declaration to Gary Vaynerchuck. Jemimah and Tim chat about implementing, reflecting and then learning from what they’ve done and how that impacts their business and regular business reviews. Tim shares his business reflection process and what he specifically looks for in the reflection: if he achieved the goals he set himself, and if not, why not? Did something unexpected crop up? Or is there a deeper lesson to learn? The episode takes a deep dive into decision making, and learning from mistakes and bouncing back from uncertainty, and a great update on Tim’s business and a big pivot he’s undertaken – including fears about changes to his pricing and packages that left a significant gap in cashflow. Listen in to hear how he handled the pivot, and worked through the uncertainty. Top 5 Lessons Implement, and reflect and then learn from it. As your business grows, be really honest about where your time is being best spent. Be honest about where your time is best spent in your business. You attract what you look for. Walk your talk! Quotes: If you want to be like Takei Moore, connect with Takei Moore and don’t be afraid to connect with the people you want to be like -Tim You are constantly learning more about the business the more you’re in it – Tim Mot decisions in the fullness of time will turn out to be the wrong decisions – Tim Take the emotion out of the decision, and suddenly is becomes so much easier to be accountable to yourself – Jemimah Do what’s right for you, be really clear about whose your tribe, and you’ll attract them from all over the world -Tim Connect with Jemimah and Tim on Facebook here: www.facebook.com/leveluppodcast Connect with Jemimah here: www.facebook.com/jemimahashleighau www.jemimahashleigh.com www.instagram.com/jemimahashleigh Connect with Tim here: www.facebook.com/winmoreclients www.winmoreclients.com.au www.instagram.com/winmoreclients Check Out Tim’s 25 Things Every Small Business Should Automate: www.winmoreclients.com.au/25things See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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