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Anime Break | Fruits Basket: The Final Episode 4

Anime Break | Fruits Basket: The Final Episode 4

Hiro gets something off his chest. Akito becomes more and more desperate to keep the zodiac close. Haru looks for Rin, and they end up reuniting after a long journey. Spoiler peeps! This is what we were looking at while speculating about next time: you for listening and for your support. We’ll see you next time! If you’d like to send a message or ask a question, you can find us on twitter at @staytogetherpod, on Tumblr at, or you can send us an old-fashioned email at staytogetherpodcast@gmail.comWe want to keep creating podcasts and keep them ad-free. So, if you like what you’re listening to, please consider giving to our ko-fi at

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