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Anime Break | Fruits Basket: The Final Episode 1

Anime Break | Fruits Basket: The Final Episode 1

Fruits Basket is back on air, so we’re back too! We pick up where we left off last time in the premier episode of the third and final season of Fruits Basket. Kureno explains more about the darker side of the Sohma family and some of the members’ impact on Akito, and more about the zodiac bond. All of this understandably upsets Tohru, who has been trying hard to connect Uo and Kureno. Sensing Tohru’s distress, Hana finds her in the park and kidnaps her for some friend bonding time.Thank you for listening and for your support. We’ll see you next time!If you’d like to send a message or ask a question, you can find us on twitter at @staytogetherpod, on Tumblr at, or you can send us an old-fashioned email at staytogetherpodcast@gmail.comWe want to keep creating podcasts and keep them ad-free. So, if you like what you’re listening to, please consider giving to our ko-fi at

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