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Anime Break | Fruits Basket Season 2 Episode 22

Anime Break | Fruits Basket Season 2 Episode 22

Yuki continues to explain to Kakeru how he feels about Tohru, that he’ll keep moving forward and find the kind of relationship he wants on his own.With the class’ culture festival play looming ever closer, Tohru starts to feel the pressure to be evil, but it seems that her nature is just too strong. The kids decide to take some creative liberties with Cinderella—maybe it’ll be easier for Prince Kyo to play his role as well.Yuki confronts Kyo about his sulking around and avoiding rehearsal, which ends with a punch. A passing conversation with another student and Machi reveals something she thinks about Yuki.- - - - - - - - -Send us a you for listening! See you next time! 💖

Duration: 47 min

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