LMIB #8 - Weather Forecasting

LMIB #8 - Weather Forecasting

Do you cringe when somebody says "thunder boomers"?   Have you been caught in the rain after being assured that you "won't need that umbrella today!"-- if so, this episode of Let's Make It Better is for you! In this episode we also introduce two brand new segments!  Mistakes Were Made attempts to correct at least some of the completely wrong statements we've made.  It's not our fault, we didn't do any research or prep; what do you expect!   Then, we focus on two companies that are going the extra mile to make our lives better in a new segment we haven't named yet-- hey, hit us up on Twitter and give us some naming ideas! Find us on Twitter! @LetsMakeItBett2 Musical selections by: Mark Alewine Music --- Support this podcast:

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