LMIB #7 - The Media

LMIB #7 - The Media

Talking heads, news readers, reporters-- that S.O.B. that interviewed John McClane's kids in "Die Hard" while he was busy single-handedly taking down a whole platoon of terrorists-- call journalists whatever you will, they're all part of "The Media" and it's time they all got a piece of Holly Gennero's fist-sandwich. Maybe it's the wall-to-wall elections, the pandemic, racial unrest and quarantines.  Whatever the case, the boys aren't happy with modern news reporting and what it's doing to our home country.   "Film at 11"?   Yeah, like the film that collects around your shower drain... Find us on Twitter! @LetsMakeItBett2 Musical selections by: Mark Alewine Music --- Support this podcast:

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