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Darryl Waisteline Mitchell On "The Black Underclass" (Part 2)

Darryl Waisteline Mitchell On "The Black Underclass" (Part 2)

This is episode two (2) of our discussion on The Black Underclass with our esteemed Elder.  Darryl Waistline Mitchell is an Elder in our community and he is also a self-proclaimed "Marxist."   Darryl brings a materialist analysis to the discussion from a historical Marxist lens. He adds some new insights to the discussion that we are sure listeners will appreciate.    Here is Part (1)  You can follow Darryl on Facebook at the following link below:  Daryyl is also the author of the Marxist Glossary:  For supporting information on topics in this recording please check out: "BAK2" from the University of KMT Press #Blackcommunist #marx #panafrican #panafrikan --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.

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