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Creating a village with Paula DeBoles-Johnson (23)

Creating a village with Paula DeBoles-Johnson (23)

Hello Tallahassee friends!  As we continue to highlight some of the most special parts of our hometown of Tallahassee, we hear the story of one woman’s impact on this community and on the people she comes in contact with. Paula DeBoles-Johnson is a dynamic leader who is tuned into our local needs - and she takes action!  Bringing laughter and kindness wherever she goes, when it comes to making a difference in our hometown, Paula shows us the way.  On top of her motivational wisdom and attention to our local issues, Paula also shares some of her favorite places to spend time in Tallahassee.  Turns out, we share the same favorite local outdoor spot where we love to hang out. Paula DeBoles-Johnson Mentioned in this episode... Capital City Youth Development Corporation DeBoles-Johnson Foundation Tailored Confections Meek Eaton Black Archives at FAMU Cascades Park Mission San Luis Women Wednesdays Leadership Tallahassee Distinguished Leadership Awards Paula and Vanessa @ Distinguished Leadership Awards

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