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50 Years of Local with Mike Rychlik (22)

50 Years of Local with Mike Rychlik (22)

To kick off our Season 2 conversations with neighbors, we chat with long-time Tallahassee resident, Mike Rychlik. We talk about the Miccosukee Land Co-op where we were neighbors, Mike’s 30-year teaching career at SAIL High School, community activism, canopy roads, Mike’s love calls to friends, and how – above all else – Mike is a family man who loves his wife and boys endlessly.   In this episode, we also talk about the Welaunee development.  Mike is on the Keep It Rural board of directors and he shares how they’re advocating on behalf of the community to maintain some of Tallahassee’s beauty inside of the new development planned for the Welaunee area. Mike's mark is on this community for generations to come through his work as a teacher, a musician, an advocate, a loyal friend, and a person who spreads love and kindness wherever he goes. Mentioned in this episode: Miccosukee Land Co-op Keep It Rural J R Alford Greenway Trail SAIL High School

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