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Did REI Start A Trend Of Businesses Closing On Black Friday? [e235]

Did REI Start A Trend Of Businesses Closing On Black Friday? [e235]

The guys take this Monday to discuss the motivation behind REI making the decision to close stores and its website on Black Friday. #OPTOUTSIDE Full Podcast Transcript NASIR: Welcome to our podcast where we cover business in the news and add our legal twist. My name is Nasir Pasha and we are welcomed here today with our outdoors expert. MATT: I’m at expert in everything, according to you, which is fine. Actually, very little things of actual value, but I’m Matt Staub. NASIR: Being an outdoorsman is definitely a skill. MATT: If there’s a whole list of boxes I could check and I could check as many as I want to be an expert in certain categories, I’d probably choose outdoor knowledge because you never know. I mean, it’s always good to be able to do things in the outdoors in case a bad situation arises and you get stranded somewhere. NASIR: I think I would be called an “indoorsman,” actually. I am an expert in all things indoors. No, that’s not true. I actually love the outdoors. MATT: Coming from the person who probably 90 percent of the time we record this, your lights go off while recording indoors. NASIR: Yeah. MATT: But an expert nonetheless. NASIR: That’s because the motion sensor which I have been too lazy to fix is too far from me so, the place where I record, if I’m too still, then it goes off. That’s part of the effect. MATT: REI seems like something, a store you would like. NASIR: I love that store, absolutely, and I found out, I’ve never been to it but, out here in Texas, there’s a store called The Academy or something and I think it’s something similar. I haven’t actually been there but it has a bunch of outdoor stuff and things like that. MATT: Yeah. You’re probably more of the outdoors expert than I am but I’ve been to REI a handful of times. It’s got some pretty cool stuff. But, if you like stuff like camping or hiking, things like that, then this is right up your alley, if you haven’t been. NASIR: It is expensive though. I mean, it tends to be sometimes twice as expensive as things that you can get the same thing online and so forth. But it’s quality stuff, obviously, MATT: I don’t know if “obvious” is the right word. You know, just because something’s expensive doesn’t mean that it’s quality. NASIR: Well, that’s my rule. MATT: Well, maybe the reason stuff’s still expensive is because they close down on major shopping days, which is exactly what’s happening here. It might be something that listeners might have heard in the news, I think. Not only are they doing this but they’re pushing this whole marketing campaign – actually, like a full brand redesign over this opt out. NASIR: Opt outside. MATT: Opt outside, yeah. NASIR: You’re talking about, yeah, the hashtag. MATT: Yeah, it’s interesting. It’d be one thing to close your doors on the Friday after Thanksgiving – which they are – but the interesting thing too is they’re also I believe shutting down sales on their website that Friday which I guess you need people to work for customer service type stuff to run the website but it seems like that would be a lot more personnel than just people in the stores. NASIR: Well, how often does any online store close? Or does it ever, right? I mean, it’s a pretty unique thing to see and, I just realized, I think I’m actually going to be opting outside to use their marketing lingo and buy into it a little bit this Black Friday because my wife and I are traveling in West Texas and we plan on hiking trails back there so, on that Friday, I’m sure I’m going to be outside. I don’t know how I should celebrate. I guess I should tag them in some social media post so that it can help with their marketing. MATT: Yeah. Well, we’ll be on the lookout for that. This campaign’s a little bit flawed in the fact that a lot of spots are pretty cold the day after Thanksgiving so I don’t know how many people are necessarily wanting to go outside but… NASIR: True, very true. Well, I mean,

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