LeftMN Radio Hour 2-17-12

LeftMN Radio Hour 2-17-12

Our guest this week on the LeftMN Radio Hour is proprietor of the Four Firkins (which, in the author's opinion, is the very best adult beverage emporium in this fine state), Jason Alvey. Jason talks about the genesis of the Four Firkins, the burgenoing Twin Cities beer scene and the difficulties of changing outdated beer laws. Last legislative session he was able to get the law changed to allow him to sell t-shirts in his store, which, contrary to all common-sense, had been against the law. This session he is trying to get an even bigger boulder up the hill, he's trying to change the law so he can sell beer on Sunday's. Prior to that Aaron and myself talk about the results of the Bonus elections, some recent developments concerning Marriage equality, and make fun of the ridiculous article that David Strom wrote for MinnPost.

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