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Bonus Episode - On the Status Quo, Coalitions, and More

Bonus Episode - On the Status Quo, Coalitions, and More

This is a particularly loose, riffing and ranting episode. In this episode, I talk about the current version of "the white moderate" or those who defend the status quo, in reference to MLK Jr's Letter from Birmingham jail. I point out how Evangelical Protestants are basically the lower- and middle-management of our community, in that they side with the rulers and CEOs of our cities and our nation. The people who defend the status quo rhetorically and practically create barriers to meaningful change. In this episode, I briefly touch on my definition of progress (improving material conditions for the poorest people among us) and contrast this idea of progress with the political, economic, and social program of "those who defend the status quo." Finally, I present an alternative, which I will expand on in an upcoming episode - a coalition (political, social, economic, spiritual, and otherwise) among the least powerful. To keep with the private company allegory, I advocate for those lowest in rank to see that we have more in common with each other than our President / CEO. If we unite and fight, we win.

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