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WHAT IT SMELL LIKE with Todd Sautters

WHAT IT SMELL LIKE with Todd Sautters

On this episode of Learnt, I sit down with a dear, dear colleague: Mr. Todd Sautters of Baltimore County Public Schools! We discuss the early onset of ageism in the teaching profession, methods of engagement, and Hulk Hogan! We chat about the AlJazeera editorial "The Greening of the American Teacher" Then, we discuss what Todd does to unwind (HINT: nothing) and the paradox of being a Swaglord while also acknowledging how uncool you really are. Be sure to read the AlJazeera editorial mentioned at Music for this episode was provided by When Particles Collide from the PodSafe Network. You can reach me at,, or If you like the show, please share episodes on Facebook and consider donating to our Kickstarter campaign for season 2! It is available for backing at

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