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PHILOCTETES with Katrina Castro!

PHILOCTETES with Katrina Castro!

On this monumental fifth episode of Learnt, I sat down in the dining room with Ms. Katrina Castro of Baltimore City Public Schools! We discuss her history of being an adjunct professor at Towson University (our shared alma mater), methods of engaging students, and how to dispel your own misconceptions about a job! We also chat about the Baltimore Sun story "Maryland school board approves discipline guidelines." We go over the enormous change in store for first year teachers, just how supportive your administration can be when you need them, and of course, Mr. George Feeney and the newly-certified Mr. Cory Matthews. Be sure to read the Huffington Post story mentioned at,0,7631406.story?track=rss Music for this episode was provided by JAUNTER off of his debut album SELF-INFLICTED SOLITUDE! The track is called "Dreamscape," and you can download at! You can reach me at,, or If you like the show, please share episodes on Facebook and consider donating to our Kickstarter campaign for season 2! It is available for backing at

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