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Episode 2: GLITTER GINGERFOOT with Jordan White

Episode 2: GLITTER GINGERFOOT with Jordan White

On this episode of Learnt, I sit down with Baltimore City Public Schools Special Educator (and future English 9 teacher) Jordan the home that we share. We discuss the paradox of securing a job as a certified teacher in the city when there are pools of TFA and BCTR candidates...which leads us into a discussion of the AlJazeera editorial "Has Teach for America reached its Waterloo?" Then, we discuss Jordan's time in graduate school, how her students should be treated, what my "My Little Pony" name would be, and whether Jordan is a total Alicia Florrick or a Kalinda Sharma (spoiler: she's such a Diane.) Be sure to read the AlJazeera editorial mentioned at Music for this episode was provided by When Particles Collide. You can reach me at,, or If you like the show, please share episodes on Facebook and consider donating to our Kickstarter campaign for season 2!

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